Best Place For Honeymoon in India

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Best Place For Honeymoon in India

Best Place For Honeymoon in India

 If you are just married and looking for honeymoon destinations in India. Then you are at a right place.

Now you don't need to spend lakhs of rupees on international honeymoon destinations. Because you can get the same experience right here in India. That too within your budget.

Whether it is beaches or nature, you can now plan your Honeymoon in INDIA. Given below is a list of "Best Place For Honeymoon in India". Have a look at this list and plan your Honeymoon.

Let's dive in...

1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Best Place For Honeymoon in India

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are probably one of the "Best Place For Honeymoon in India". It has hundreds of islands and probably the cleanest in India. 

The weather is moderate here. The best time to visit here for honeymoon is from October to May viz. specially winters and summers. These islands has some of stunning places to see.

You get to spend your time on less crowded beaches or in suites. The sea food is a heaven here. There are several tourist spots in Andaman which can keep you occupied for several days. In short, this place is ideal for honeymoon couples. 

Another best thing about Andaman is that it is not that costly. So, by spending less money you get to enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth. So, just book your tickets and explore Andaman.

2. Kerala

Best Place For Honeymoon in India

Southern India's most beautiful state. Yes it is an ideal place to spend your honeymoon here amidst trees, sea, and fishes.

Kerala has best house boats in the country. You get to spend your quality time in these boats. Then there are tea gardens, waterfalls etc.

The food in Kerala is another highlight for honeymoon couples. It has one of the best seafood in India. Overall a very ideal place for spend quality time with your partner while enjoying some great food and beautiful sights. 

So, pack your bags and head out to Kerala cos its God's own country.

3. Goa

Best Place For Honeymoon in India

Goa is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy honeymoon. Goa is famous for beaches and beer. So you get to spend time with your partner along with some chilled beer.

You get to enjoy beach shacks and enjoy your time. There are also several old and beautiful churches in Goa

Head to South Goa and you get to see some beautiful destinations. Goa has some best hotels, suites or villas to enjoy your quality time with nature.

Without any doubt Goa is an ideal place for Honeymoon couples who want to enjoy their time amidst nature and also parties. 

4. Rajasthan

Best Place For Honeymoon in India

Rajasthan means Land of Kings. Famous for its forts, desert, food, lakes etc.

You get to enjoy your time here in some amazing palaces to live, with some amazing veg and non-veg food.

You get to live in the ancient palaces, get to see the most beautiful forts, explore deserts and get to taste some amazing food.

What else is needed for Honeymoon couples. Head out to Rajasthan to experience some amazing ancient architecture while spending your time in the best hotels or palaces

5. Rishikesh

Best Place For Honeymoon in India

Get to see one of the most beautiful places in India. Rishikesh has several tourist spots for honeymoon travellers.

Like Lakshman Jhula, Ram Jhula, Triveni Ghat, Bharat Mandir, Vashishtha Cave, Nilkanth Mahadev, Gita Bhawan, Parmarth Niketan etc.

This place is famous for spiritual importance. It has number of Yoga Ashrams.

It has some beautiful sights as well, as it lies near the Himalayas. The honeymoon couples can get to experience a totally different spot. But it will be worth it.

6. Kodaikanal and Ooty

Best Place For Honeymoon in India

These two places lie in Tamil Nadu state of India. These are probably the best hill stations in India.

Best time to visit these hill stations are summers. This place is for honeymoon couples who wants to spend their time amidst nature far from city life.

There's ooty lake, botanical garden, Nilgiri mountain railway, kodaikanal lake, dolphins nose, silver cascade falls, guna caves etc.

So, for newly weds, this place is actually a heaven far away from bustling cities. Must visit hill stations.

7. Shimla

Best Place For Honeymoon in India

Shimla is the most popular destination for honeymoon in India. It is situated in Himachal Pradesh state of India.

Luxury hotels and a great climate make it the most popular spot for honeymooners in North India. Shimla is famous for snowy climate. Snow can been seen during October to February. Snow activites are famous during winters.

Situated on the foothills of Himalayas. You get to see awesome views of Himalayas from far. 

For couples, they can enjoy playing with snow while roaming around Shimla.

8. Haflong

Best Place For Honeymoon in India

Haflong is situated in the North East state of Assam, India. Haflong is also known as the Switzerland of North East India. It is the only hill station in Assam.

It is a perfect place for couples to bring them closer. It has Haflong lake, Hanging bridge, Dayang railway bridge etc.

Perfect place for honeymooners.

These are some of the "Best Places For Honeymoon in India".
So, all those newly wed couples if you are planning a Honeymoon in India instead of any foreign location, then this places are a must for you guys.
So, just head out  to these places and tell us about your experience below in the comments section. Enjoy your trip!!!

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