How to Download Python for Free on Laptop

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How to Download Python for Free on Laptop

How to Download Python for Free on Laptop

If you are a software engineer or even if you love programming, then you must have heard of Python programming language.

In this article we will see "How to Download Python for Free on Laptop" so that you can start programming on Python from today itself.

Before jumping on to "How to Download Python for Free on Laptop", let us see What is Python? and Why do you need it? and also How useful it is today?

Lets see...

What is Python?

Python language is world's fastest growing programming language. 

It is also one of the most popular programming language not just among Software engineers but also among accountants, mathematicians, scientists, data analysts, network engineers and also kids.

The reason it is so popular is because it is also a very friendly programming language.

Why do you need it?

It is used in data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning and network intelligence and also automation.

You can use Python even if you are from any field, and make your life easier.

You can also use Python for Web apps, Mobile apps, or desktop apps and also software testing and hacking.

How useful it is today?

In Python, you can solve complex problems in less time and less code.

It is a high level programming language that everyone use. 

It has a cross platform, which means you can run Python on Windows, Apple, and Linux.

It also has huge community, so that when you get stuck on something, someone will help you.

It also has a large ecosystem of libraries, tools and books.

So, now lets see how to Download Python on your Windows, Apple, or Linux.

Step 1: The first step is, Go to Google.com and then type "Python", the results will take you to the site called "www.python.org".

Click on this website and click on "Downloads" section.

How to Download Python for Free on Laptop

Then, when you click on Download Python 3.8.4. The file will start to download into your browser.

Step 2: 

Click on the downloaded file, which will take you to a Setup window. Then click on "Customize Installation" (Shown in red box).

How to Download Python for Free on Laptop

Note that: You can also click on "Install Now" (option above red box).

But this will install the software in such an address that it will be very hard for you to find the folder.

So, click on "Customize Installation".

Then the "Optional Features will appear". Keep it as it is to default.

How to Download Python for Free on Laptop

After clicking optional features, the next window is "Advanced options".

In these options you need to click all those boxes in the Advanced options, the first two options may or may not appear.

Then, you must change your Folder address to some simple address. So, it's easy to locate the folder.

How to Download Python for Free on Laptop

Once you tick those boxes and change the folder address. Then Click on "Install".

Step 3:

Then your installation will take place automatically. 

Then you will see new window named "Setup was successful" (as shown below).

How to Download Python for Free on Laptop

In this window, click on the "Disable Path Length Limit". 

Then click on Yes button.

Now, the setup is done and click on "Close" to finish the installation.

Step 4:

Now that you have downloaded the latest Python version.

Open the folder where you installed Python.

You can see these options: 

  1. IDLE (Python 3.8 32 bit)
  2. Python 3.8 (32-bit)
  3. Python 3.8 Manuals (32-bit)
  4. Python 3.8 Module Docs (32-bit)

The first two options are the IDLE and Interpreter versions of Python.

The 3rd option has Documentation.

The 4th option has Built-in Modules.

For any queries or want more information regarding Python then visit the original website of Python : www.python.org.


As we have said earlier, Python is simple and most used Programming language.

So, learn Python from some expert or you can also learn it online.

Once you mastered Python language, it can open numerous employment opportunities for you with good amount of money.

So, learn Python and we hope you do well in your life.

Comment down for any queries or suggestions