Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

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Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

Where can I travel alone?, Where is best place to travel alone?, Where should I go on holiday alone?, Where can I go for my first solo trip?.

Such questions must have been coming into your head, right? If yes, then you should definitely go for it.

At least once in your lifetime you should experience a solo trip, that too, in your 20s. That's the time when you have time and energy to travel.

Also by travelling alone you spend time with yourself and think about your life while there's no one to disturb you.

So, just plan a solo trip and explore the most amazing person while travelling, that is, you.

Now that you have thought of a solo trip, here in this article we will show you "Top 10 Best Places to Travel Alone".

These places can probably change your life and give you a lifetime experience.

So, lets see which are the "Top 10 Best Places to Travel Alone".

  • Singapore

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

It is ranked as one of the safest cities in the world.

It is known for being kind and friendly.

There are so many food markets to experience food and explore for hours.

You can go museum hopping or watch the old charms of Pulau Ubin.

As for solo travelers, you can live in hostels for a very cheap price. 

The most popular places to stay in Singapore on a budget are Bugis, Chinatown, Little India, Lavender Street, and Clark Quay.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

The city ranks as the third safest city in the South America.

There are bars around every corner where you get to meet locals and other travelers around the world.

There's live music, night clubs, amazing restaurants, dance clubs, bars etc.

You can also explore Recoleta Cemetary, oldest cafe in Buenos Aires, Bar crawl etc.

  • Marrakech, Morocco

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

It has palaces, mosques and gardens.

You get to wander through the colourful souks or you can spend a quiet day visiting the mosques.

They have a World Heritage Site "medina quarter".

It is also a safe place to travel alone for female tourists.

  • Budapest, Hungary

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

It is very common place for solo travelers.

You can enjoy the gorgeous city sights or pamper yourself in a bathhouse.

You can visit Central Market Hall, Holocaust Memorial, spas, Ruin bar or you can cycle through out the city.

It is also safe for solo or female travelers in the day or night. So, this is a perfect place. 

  • Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina and Tennessee 

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

There is only one lodge in the Great Smoky Mountains. So, enjoy the campgrounds.

The park entrance is free and it includes 150 hiking trails.

You can experience your time here being alone with nature.

The best time to visit here are fall and summer. 

Waterfalls, black bears, autumn colors, wild flowers - you get all this amazing things here.

  • La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

This popular spot is a paradise for thrill seekers.

Zip line through the rain forest at high speeds and take a dip at La Fortuna waterfall.

It has Arenal Volcano. It also has rafting, hot springs, horse riding and hanging bridges.

It is also safe for all the tourists.

  • Brussels, Belgium

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

Brussels has a walk score of 100 and has tons of breweries where you can meet new people.

You can also visit Bois Le Da Cambre, Art gallery, take a coffee break, go shopping.

There is Delirium Cafe which has a record to have more than 2000 choices of beer in their menu.

In this city, you can just sit, relax and read a book or go out for some places to visit.

  • New York

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

It's a perfect place to get lost in a crowd. 

Find free activities like walking across the Manhattan Bridge and go for a refreshing walk in Central Park.

As, it is one of the biggest cities, it has plenty of tourist spots like Brooklyn Bridge, One World Observatory, Shakespeare Garden, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Washington Square Park etc. etc.

So, if you want to travel alone to a big city rather than small towns, then New York can be a good choice. 

  • Bangkok, Thailand

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

One of the best place for solo travelers in Bangkok is Khao San Road. As a tourist, you get everything here from hotels to bars and restaurants.

Spend the day visiting different temples. Hop on a tuk-tuk for quick transportation.

You can snack on cheap eats while you roam around the markets.

There's The Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho, Night Markets, etc.

  • Paris, France

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

In Paris, walk around the streets, enjoy French coffee and French Breakfast, visit Parisian Museum and the famous Eiffel Tower.

Here, iconic attractions are only a metro stop away or go people-watching at a cafe.

Paris is an ideal place for solo travelers. You get to meet lot of people from anywhere around the world.

  • Queenstown, New Zealand

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

It is regarded as the "Adventure Capital of the World" and is home to the first-ever commercial Bungee jumping experience.

You can explore hiking trails such as Ben Lomond, Moke Lake Loop, or Queenstown Hill.

Best time to visit is from December to February. New Zealand is also one of the safest places for travellers.

  • Tokyo, Japan

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

As Tokyo is a big city, so if you love to travel to big cities then you should visit Tokyo.

Take the high speed bullet train for quick transportation and stay busy with tons of shops and sights. 

Tokyo has Senso-ji, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, Meiji Jingu, Imperial Palace, Odaiba, Tokyo Disneyland, Ueno Park, Tokyo Disneysea and so on.

  • Tulum, Mexico

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

This town is known for beaches and ancient Mayan port city.

They have Tulum National Park, Gran Cenote, Cenote Calavera, Paradise Beach, Cenote Crystal etc.

Check out their resorts for ultimate vacation mode and zone out with a book on a beach.

  • Reykjavik, Iceland

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

Explore one of the safest countries in the world and surround yourself with beautiful nature.

It has Hallgrimskirkja, Perlan, Harpa, Sun Voyager, Icelandic Phallological Museum, National Museun of Iceland, Laugavegur and so on.

Iceland is famous for it's natural beauty. So, visit this place if you love to be in nature.

  • Seville, Spain

Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone

Go on a tapeo, a tapas crawl or soak in the colorful architecture.

Visit Royal Alcazar of Seville, Plaza de Espana, La Giralda, Cathedral de Sevilla, Santa Cruz Seville and many more.

Here, you get to see so many tourist spots. This place is also safe for tourists.


So, this is our list of "Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone". We may have lost out on some amazing places, but according to us these places top in the list.

  • If you are a kind of a solo traveler who likes to visit big cities then New York, Toyko, Paris, Bangkok will be a good choice, because these places have plenty of places to visit and you won't get bored here. 

  • Or else if you love to travel to places which are quiet and amidst nature then, you have Reykjavik, Tulum, Queenstown, Great Smoky Mountains from this list.

We hope you get to travel to all these places because all of them are worth travelling. Every place has it's own charm and speciality.

Tell us which places are you going to visit from these "Top 15 Best Places to Travel Alone" or places that you have visited.


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